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We offer rooms for both short and long stay


          Whether you are living or spending a short vacation around Bangsaen, we are here to provide you with nice rooms and superb accommodations. You can check our Amenities page to see what we have to offer. Pick either options below to explore full details of our rooms.

Here for a long stay? Welcome home!

We welcome you to one of the most diversed and friendly family in Bangsaen. Here, you will find fellow tenants from around the globe. This reflects our global service standard. Our tenants' satisfaction marks our success. We can hardly wait to see you joining our family!

Here for a short stay? No problemo!

Although serving long-term tenants is our main expertise, we welcome any daily travelers who wish to stay at our facility. You will find no place more like home, only closer to Bangsaen beach and downtown!

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